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We continue to offer our low-cost, no hidden add-on, simple cremation



Services of the Funeral Director 

(including but not limited to procurement of certified death certificates, 

assistance in writing and submitting obituary to newspapers*)

Placement of obituary and photo (if desired) on our website

Arrangement Conference in either of our funeral homes or your home

Necessary Transportation of the deceased

Cremation Container

Crematory & Medical Examiner Fees

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An urn is not included as part of this price as one is not required by law. 

Many families elect to purchase an urn or other keepsake in the event 

that the cremated remains will remain at home for some time or interred.

*Most newspapers will have a publication charge, depending on the length of the notice

Other services and merchandise are available for an additional charge

We frequently receive telephone calls and inquiries and by far, the most commonly asked question is: what does a cremation cost?

If you compare our costs with those of other cremation providers, you will probably find us comparable to other funeral homes if not more economical. We cannot compete with the rates of a discount cremation provider. Your hometown funeral homes have far more invested in their communities. Local expenses and contributions are something most discount cremation providers do not participate in, hence they can offer lower prices. Instead, they cover large territories and profit from a high volume of death calls.

We can offer a better level of personal service. We give families the peace of mind that someone they know is overseeing the arrangements, and we offer the convenience of being local. At no extra charge, we often provide small measures of comfort and closure such as a brief private viewing, publication of the obituary on our community website, temporary storage of ashes, local delivery of ashes to the family, the acquisition of certified copies of the death certificate, and when needed, assistance with insurance and veterans’ claims.

If you’re shopping around, we encourage you to compare “apples to apples” and be sure to ask what is included in the price you are quoted. Oftentimes, there may be additional costs for things we include as part of our offerings.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends. We encourage you to reach out to us at any time with questions and to see the difference with our personal family service.

It comes as no surprise that cremation is quickly becoming 

the preferred disposition at the time of death. 

In New Hampshire, approximately 82% of individuals are electing cremation when death occurs. 

According to the National Funeral Directors Association research, "the steadily rising popularity of cremation is attributed to a number of factors, including consumer considerations, environmental concerns, an increasingly transient population, fewer religious prohibitions of the practice and changing consumer preferences, such as the desire for simpler, less ritualized funeral practices. 

Cremation has become socially acceptable as more Americans are thinking and talking about death in new ways, and its popularity is expected to intensify..."

With the prevalence of cremation, there are also many myths surrounding it. 

It is our hope to clarify some of these for you.


If I choose cremation, I still need to be embalmed and buy a casket


By law, embalming is only required in certain special situations, such as a funeral with viewing. While this is certainly an option when cremation is desired, it is by no means required. Should you elect to choose a simple cremation or cremation service with no viewing, embalming is NOT required. Furthermore, a casket is NOT required when a simple cremation is selected, however, we do offer rental caskets for those families desiring to have a public viewing prior to cremation taking place.


If I choose cremation, no one is allowed to see me before the cremation.


Except in extenuating circumstances, there is nothing that says a brief, private family viewing cannot be done prior to cremation. In fact, many families have expressed a relief after having those final private moments of closure. Unlike other cremation providers, we do not charge extra for that opportunity if it is requested nor do we require an upgraded cremation container.

MYTH: My local Funeral Home does not do cremation....I'll have to use some other cremation provider or society.

THE FACTS: While it is true that some funeral homes may limit their cremation service options or not operate their own crematory, they can all assist in one way or another. Many funeral directors elect not to operate their own crematories in order to ease the risk of errors and liability. In many cases, funeral homes will establish a long-lasting relationship with a reputable third-party crematory, who is also regulated by a State Funeral Board and held to the utmost standards.

MYTH: I got a very low price on cremation---this is the best provider there is!

THE FACTS: Read the fine print! While many cremation providers will advertise their low price or their ability to "offer the same service for less," this may not always be the case. Ask what is included with this cremation price. Oftentimes, some providers will charge an additional fee to meet with you in your own home, to remove a pacemaker prior to cremation, to allow for a private family viewing prior to cremation, to meet with you or conduct a service on a weekend, or will even charge extra for cremation of those individuals above a certain weight. Before signing a commitment, ask for a breakdown of everything you are paying for. If circumstances allow for it, don't be afraid to call a few different providers. If you ask for pricing over the phone, funeral homes are required to provide you with that information or a General Price List if you request it. A lot can be said for how you are spoken to and treated during that initial phone call. First impressions are paramount!

We encourage you to contact us should you have any other questions or concerns. 

When cremation is chosen, the possibilities are endless.

We pride ourselves on continually adapting to the needs of our families.

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